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JUNE 21-22-23


To join our family


JUNE 21-22-23, 2019


Hotel Seyhan/Adana

Letter From Secretary General

Dear Participants, 
On behalf of our organization and academic team, it is my gratest pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the first annual session of Re Project Model United Nations conference.

The ability of MUN conferences to get all participants to learn, socialise and get out of their comfort zones is remarkable and often taken for granted. MUN conferences as a delegate on the other hand; teach humanity, compassion and sympathy through not only understanding, but officialy representing a different perspective. Due to MUN’s comprehensive nature, it holds a great value for us, and I’m sure it does or will for you too.

Therefore, we gathered to improve the existing MUN conferences. We strived for the perfect team, we did our best for an unforgettable conference, and we can’t wait for you to experience it. RPMUN consists some of the most experienced chairs, delegates from out of town, a hard-working organization team and a midnight crisis which will be done for the first time.

That being said, I hope that RPMUN provides a platform for all participants to widen their understanding of MUN, first timers to develope a habit, and advanced delegates to realise why they started attending MUN’s in the first place.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all on June 21-22-23, at Hotel Seyhan.


Sude Soykan
Secretary General of RPMUN’19



Registration 12.30-13.00

Opening Ceremony 14.00-15.00

Coffee Break 15.00-15.30

1st Session 15.30-17.00

Coffee Break 17.00-17.15

2nd Session 17.15-18.30


Party 20.00-23.00



3rd Session 09.00-10.30

Coffee Break 10.30-11.00

4th Session 11.00-12.30

Lunch 12.30-13.45

5th Session 13.45-15.00

Coffee Break 15.00-15.30

6th Session 15.30-17.00

Coffee Break 17.00-17.15

7th Session 17.15-18.30

Social Event 20.00



8th Session 09.00-10.30

Coffee Break 10.30-11.00

9th Session 11.00-12.30

Lunch Break 12.30-14.00

10th Session 14.00-16.00

Coffee Break 16.00-16.30

Closing Ceremony 16.30-18.00